The new, never before told story of Mike Tyson

"Taming the Beast"

coauthored with New York Times Best-Selling Author Eric Wilson

The tumultuous career of Mike Tyson as told from a new perspective

Company founder Rory Holloway’s relationship with Tyson dates back to when both of them were teenagers in upstate New York. In 1983, Mr. Holloway became one of the original members of Team Tyson, and helped to guide Tyson, at 19, to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history. This is their story.


Rory Holloway has been inextricably linked to Tyson since childhood

In addition to his link with Tyson, Mr. Holloway has represented the biggest names in the boxing arena, and has actively participated in the top three largest pay-per-view events in boxing history. In 1995 Mr. Holloway became Tyson’s official manager, negotiating the Tyson vs. McNeely fight that brought in 1.6 million viewers and a PPV gross revenue of $96 million. After his promotion to manager, Mr. Holloway founded a sports management company that consisted of several world boxing champions.

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"Within every entourage is the one man who holds it all together"

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