Coauthored by Rory Holloway, friend, manager, and trainer.

"Taming the Beast" was written by Tyson’s former manager, handler, and friend, Rory Holloway. Since his professional debut in the world of heavyweight boxing, Mike Tyson has captured the rapt attention of a global audience.

Mr. Holloway became one of the original members of Team Tyson, and helped to guide Tyson, at 19, to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history. Since that time, Tyson has gone to jail and fallen into bankruptcy. In 2013 Mike Tyson published his book Undisputed Truth.

In addition to his link with Tyson, Mr. Holloway has represented the biggest names in the boxing arena, and has actively participated in the top three largest pay-per-view events in boxing history. In 1995 Mr. Holloway became Tyson’s official manager, negotiating the Tyson vs. McNeely fight that brought in 1.6 million viewers and a PPV gross revenue of $96 million. After his promotion to manager, Mr. Holloway founded a sports management company that consisted of several world boxing champions. Mr. Holloway has been vilified by many in the media, and even accused of stealing Tyson’s money. Mr. Holloway conceived Taming the Beast to reveal the truth of his relationship with Tyson, the nature of the Heavyweight Champion’s growth to success, and what really went on behind the scenes.